Heroes Scoopage

TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello has posted some new scoops on upcoming “Heroes” episodes. If you’d rather not know a thing, turn back now!

Question: Can I have some Heroes scoop now, please?— Yoli

Ausiello: New character alert! A new female hero is joining the cast for a mini arc, and this person’s power is unlike anything we’ve seen on the show so far. All I’ll say is, she’d come in very handy on Survivor.

Question: I loved your interview with Greg Grunberg. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the Ask Ausiello T-shirt appearance on Heroes. Any scoopy goodness you wanna share?— Doris

Ausiello: Any lingering questions regarding Niki’s special powers were basically answered in the preview NBC showed for next week’s episode. But for those of you on the slow side, Niki had a sister named Jessica who died a horrible death. The rest is pretty obvious.

In related news, the show hit another high on Monday, getting 16 million viewers.

Source: TV Guide