Director Louis Leterrier on The Incredible Hulk!

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier (the “Transporter” films, “Unleashed”) stopped by the Superhero Hype! message boards to chat with fans about Marvel Studios’ anticipated sequel, to be released by Universal Pictures. The film will return to the roots of the long-running comic series, combining a well-developed character storyline with incredible action and fun. Zak Penn, who previously collaborated with Marvel on X2: Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand, is writing the script.

Here is a list of Leterrier’s answers to questions asked by the fans:

Q: Can you confirm the method for which the Hulk will be presented?

We’re studying every method and we’ll pick the best method for every shot. It’s important to make the Hulk tactile in this one. As an audience member I love to be confused and not know if it’s CGI, animatronic, make-up (loved Davy Jones in Pirates… all CG!!!).

Q: Can you confirm if Dominic Purcell is in talks for a role in your movie, and possibly what role that is.

Let me show you something…

ITW: Hello Louis Leterrier.

LL: Hi.

ITW: I hear you’ve been asked to direct Indiana Jones 4.

LL: Huh…

ITW: INDY, you’re so lucky!!!

LL: Huh, well, I love these films but…

ITW:That’s going to be amazing. Good luck”

… and a day later every one says that LL is directing the next Indy.

Listen to Dominic Purcell’s interview again.

Q: Will you get Statham a role in this film if not Abomination perhaps someone in the military.

He’s Betty…

Q: We know the budget is not over 180 million per the terms of the merril deal but do you have an estimate yet? Zak said it was quite a bit.

It’s enough. Listen, I made Transporter 1 for 17M$, Unleashed for 20M$ and Transporter 2 for 22M$ (this one could have used a couple of extra bucks, sorry about some of the vfx’s). I’m used to small budgets. This one’s very big in Hollywood standards and huge compared to my first films. I’m going to put every penny on screen.

Q: Is Bana officially eliminated from contention or is he still a possibility?

He’s not out.

Q: How far are we away from a casting announcement and a release date?

Nothing’s set.

Q: Is this a sequel or not? There has been alot of confusion over this. Sometimes yes, and other times no.

It’s a hard question to answer. You have to be the judge of that when you see the film.

Q: Is Lou Ferrigno really in the running to voice Hulk? (I hope not)

I’ve only met Lou once and I was star-struck. Who do you think should do the voice?

Q: Avi & Zak have said they liked the action in the first film (desert battle), do you also share this opinion? And plan to live upto/top it?

There’s only one way out of this one and it’s up…

Q: Ang sometimes used interesting wipes to go between shots, although you don’t need to, will you slip a few in during editing for people like me that loved that?

Too early to say.

Q: Was the distancing from the first movie (even as a sequel) at Comic-Con more of a way of getting attention of those that were dissatisfied with the first film rather than condemnation of the first film itself?

I like the first film. I just think I’m a maggot compared to Ang Lee. I’m not going to try to copy him, it would be an enormous failure. I’m going to do my version of a Hulk film. There’s a lot of me in Unleashed. If you liked this film, you’ll like our Hulk.

Q: Will you also be checking out Ultimate Fighter matches to get a feel for the influence on Hulk’s fighting style in the first film (assuming you aren’t familiar with that already)? Or will there be no consistency in this regard? Speaking of consistency, will there be any?

I’ll surround myself with the best fight choreographers. It’s going to be special.

Q: Has there been any talk of doing an online video blog from behind scenes of the film as many movies are doing these days?

I don’t know. I’m not very photogenic.

Q: Has there been talk on where this will be filmed (U.S., Canada etc)?

Too early to say.

Q: Are you focused on casting an unknown or well known actor for Abomination? Or are you open to either?

Open to both.

Q: If there is some sense of continuity between films is there a chance will Harper return (even if it’s just a cameo)? Are you expecting rewrites for Zak’s first treatment?

Zak’s turning in the best screenplay I ever read. I’m serious.

Source: Advanced Dark