Del Toro Gives Hellboy 2 Update

Latino Review recently posted a new interview with Hellboy 2 director Guillermo del Toro, who revealed a bit more about the sequel. Here’s a clip:

Latino Review: Can you elaborate a little on ‘Hellboy II’ for the fans, like who is coming back, who’s not coming back?

Del Toro: We definitely have all the regulars – Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman are back. We have two characters from the F world, which are a prince and a princess that we will be casting very soon, but not coming back is John Myers. He’s not coming back. Kroenen is back in a very small sort of cameo appearance and Professor Broom, John Hurt, is not back. Evidently Kroenen took care of that.

Latino Review: When do you expect to start shooting this one?

Del Toro: We won’t start shooting until late April or early May at the worst, but we have a long prep ahead of us.

Latino Review: So then you’ll have something for Comic Con 2007 then?

Del Toro: Yeah, we definitely will have a decent trailer for them.

There’s more at the link above.

Source: Latino Review