Activision No Longer Making Iron Man Game

GameSpot reports that Activision is no longer involved in developing the Iron Man movie game:

“We did have the rights to make an Iron Man game, but no longer retain said rights,” a rep told GameSpot. “So I cannot comment on the status of any game project related to the film.” The rep did not say why Activision had let the rights lapse, or which publisher had acquired the rights.

So who is publishing Iron Man? That information remains elusive. THQ reps contacted by GameSpot claimed ignorance of any such project, as did Electronic Arts and Midway spokespersons. Take-Two Interactive declined to “comment on rumors.”

But while the Iron Man publisher is currently a mystery, it won’t be forever. “Expect an announcement this fall,” a Marvel Entertainment rep told GameSpot before declining further comment.

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Source: GameSpot