X-Men: The Last Stand on DVD October 3

The Hollywood Reporter says that X-Men: The Last Stand will hit DVD on October 3 in two editions:

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is expected to announce Friday that “X-Men: The Last Stand,” which since its May 26 theatrical opening has grossed $233 million at the boxoffice, will arrive on DVD on Oct. 3 in two extras-laden special editions.

The highlight of the third “X-Men” movie’s DVD debut: three alternative endings, each with optional commentary by director Brett Ratner. The single-disc DVD release also includes 10 deleted scenes; audio commentaries from Ratner, the writers and the producers; a preview of the upcoming Ben Stiller movie “A Night at the Museum;” and two hidden “Easter eggs,” one of the Beast reciting Shakespeare and the other of the X-Jet landing in Washington.

Fox also is preparing a collector’s edition that includes an exclusive 100-page commemorative book with an all-new story penned by Marvel Comics master Stan Lee. It is his first original Marvel Comics book in five years.

In addition, Fox is packaging all three “X-Men” movies into a trilogy pack.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter