Tim Story Gives Fantastic Four Sequel Update

Fantastic Four sequel director Tim Story has posted another update on his official Blog in which he gives an update on what’s happening:

I am busy working away at all the concept art and most recently the design for Doom. I saw the maquette today of what the improved Doom will look like and he’s everything I ‘ve wanted him to be. Many have stated their disappointment with the lack of “evil” ness in the last movie and I’d be lying if I said I was able to do everything I set out to do, but this time, there will be the plotting and the fighting and technology. He’s just as smart as Reed, or as he would say, smarter and I’m going to represent that in the movie big time. Julian is on board and wants to have just as much fun in making him “that villian” we all know and love, or should I say hate. I’m wrestling right now with the cape issue and trying to have it but not let it get in the way of him fighting. He’s not going to just shoot beams of power this time. He goes toe to toe with a really big surprise.

My 2nd Unit director Ej Forrester was showing me storyboards on a sequence we have in the movie that involves Doom, and we’re determined to have him blowing up shit! Wait until you see the mask! The armor!

Check out the link above for more and you can also suggest titles for the sequel.

Source: Tim Story