Exclusive: Singer on Superman Sequel & DVD

ComingSoon.net/SuperheroHype.com got to talk exclusively to Superman Returns director Bryan Singer on Friday and we asked him about the possible sequel, the DVD and what he’s planning on doing next:

CS/SHH: Is the sequel going to happen?

Singer: Yes, probably for a 2009 release.

CS/SHH: You planted a lot of seeds in the first film, what do you want to cover in the second film?

Singer: I’d like to build on the seeds that are planted, you know, expand upon relationships, you’ve got now a child, you’ve got these other elements, but also have the opportunity to have the characters more established to bring in some more action and have some more stuff going on.

CS/SHH: In the comic adaptation there were little hints that the New Krypton settled into orbit.

Singer: Yeah, New Krypton has got these crystals on it, so anything’s possible.

CS/SHH: What do you have in store for us on the DVD?

Singer: A number of things. There’s the in-movie experience where during the movie you’ll be able to pop-off to the set and see things live as they were shot. There’s things like that. Plus we had a continuous presence of video on the set to the point… there’s a lot of funny, interesting, kind of theater that you don’t get to ordinarily see in the documentary material and then there will be deleted scenes.

CS/SHH: Do you want to do the entire sequel in 3-D?

Singer: I’d like to do more, I don’t know how that whole experience would work out, depends how long the film is, it will probably be shorter.

CS/SHH: What’s next for you?

Singer: Possibly a smaller film and a grand vacation.

Source: Scott Chitwood