Duncan on Sin City 2 and Transformers

ComingSoon.net chatted with “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” star Michael Clarke Duncan about both Sin City 2 and Transformers:

Talking about his upcoming projects, Duncan was rather coy about the Sin City sequel and didn’t confirm that he was definitely on board. “I would love to. I would love to,” he told ComingSoon.net. “I think those sequels are pretty [cool] because I don’t think I have to gain any weight for it. Manute isn’t that big of a guy. He’s an imposing guy just by what he says or doesn’t say. But, I don’t have to get back up to like 300 pounds to be Manute so that will kind of be an easy you know transformation for me if I decide to do that one.”

For someone who isn’t involved, he does know a lot about the character and the sequence of the films. “They’re going to start off with number one where Manute is alive again because we already saw this ending over here so he does this thing. Frank Miller is like that. Manute is just like the heavy. He’s the heavy. He’s in all of them. He’s just like the bodyguard. He does whatever it takes. He’s in all the Sin City’s, but Frank Miller does it like they’re not in order. He may go from the middle one. He may go from the first one and then he may go to the last one. Manute got killed in that Sin City that you saw,” Duncan explained.

However, one thing he was clear about was that he’s not starring in Transformers, even though it’s been reported he is, because he couldn’t reach an agreement with director Michael Bay.

“Believe me. Trust me when I say I wanted to do that movie. Trust me when I say I wanted to do ‘Transformers.’ I’m a big kid at heart. I watched ‘Transformers.’ That was one of my favorite cartoons. Optimus Prime was one of my favorite characters and to be head of a Navy Seal team going in and fighting these gigantic robots would have been perfect. But, we just, I don’t know. It was oil and water. It just did not mix and I wanted it to. Me and Michael Bay talked but we were on two different pages. I told him I was really sad because I said ‘you know I’m coming to do good work.’ I said ‘you already know that. You won’t have an actor that comes in high and that doesn’t know his work.’ I said ‘you know that I’m coming to do good work.’ We just couldn’t get it together.”

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Source: ComingSoon.net