Superman Sequel Bits From the Premiere

Just in case we haven’t given you enough info on Superman Returns, we thought we should attend the Los Angeles world premiere as well to see what else we could possibly get out of the cast.

While it hasn’t officially been confirmed, there has been talk of two additional sequels to Superman Returns. When we asked Stephan Bender, who plays young Clark Kent in the film, whether he’d be returning for the sequels, he smiled and said he probably shouldn’t talk about it. Smart kid… but, we’ll take that as a yes.

We did manage to get executive producer Chris Lee to say a little more. He told Superhero Hype! that Singer would probably meet with him in Hawaii, since that’s where he lives and Singer thinks it’s a creative place to work and discuss the upcoming sequels. We’ll “see how we do,” Lee said.

He was reluctant to give anything away, but he did confirm all of the actors “are signed on for three films.”

Sam Huntington, who plays Jimmy Olsen, is so excited that he can’t wait for it to happen. As he ran by the press line, he confirmed again to that he “is signed on for another two” and said “let’s hope they make them.”

Superman Returns flies into theatres on Wednesday, June 28.

Source: Heather Newgen