Spider-Man 3 Set Photos & Reports Galore!

We’ve received great reports from New York’s Foley Square set for Spider-Man 3 where the production filmed this weekend. First up is ‘Pots N Pans’ with a big report and lots of photos:

You were pivotal in helping me find Spider-Man swinging through the city of New York so I thought I would return the favor and deliver you a Saturday set report! I do not think the paparazzi got as close as I did yesterday! Either way why make fans pay for pictures this good! I am fan and I would want to see this stuff, so I will pass it on to you! I am planning on going back today so I will keep you updated!

There were 2 crews going on yesterday, A and B! “B” was is involved with a super cool Spidey stunt where he flies into Foley square while Gwen is giving a speech in his honor! Spider-Man is recieving the key to the city and seems to be in the city’s good graces. Gwen is giving him the key to the city because she was saved by Spider-Man!!!!

The “A” crew was working throughout the park shooting a scene off to

the side where Peter meets MJ at the Spider-Man Day celebration.

Weird site of the day was the annoying Shane Guy from Survivor just yapping Tobey Maguire’s ear off between take. I am not sure what the hell that is all about.

As the sun went down and about 100 Spidey flying takes they moved over to the side of the stage where Gwen was preparing her speech on giving Spidey the “key to the city” only to be stopped by the not so shy Daily Bugle Photographer Eddie Brock (badge on Topher confirms he is Eddie a Daily Bugle photographer!) He stops taking her picture and asks her if he could see her tonight. Shy and bashful she said “oh no EDDIE not tonight”

Eddie discouraged asked her about “Last Night” where Gwen politely says.. “We just had coffee Eddie” Then Eddie mentions a kiss from last night which Gwen blushes and then is pulled away by the Mayor. Eddie looks confused!!

You can see in the photos the great directing and rehearsing going on between Sam Topher and Bryce trying to nail down the proper lines to really introduce the characters. They finally came up with what they liked and the set was wrapped for the day!!!

I am so pumped about this film. It was like I was at a real Spider-Man Day. What kid or 30 year old kid like myself wouldnt want to be at a Spider-Man Day with balloons and stuffed toys and Spiderman flying onto the stage!

Incredible really incredible!!!!

From what it looks like in these scenes that this very early in the movie where they are developing the characters of Eddie and Gwen. Gwen showing her love for Spider-Man and Eddie beginning to get jealous. You can also see a perhaps over-confident Peter Parker and a growing more frustrated MJ.

Thank you SHH for hooking a brother up!

No, thank you ‘Pots N Pans’! You can check out the scooper’s numerous photos starting with #217 here!

‘SuperNoldy’ added:

The filming this Sat involved a rally for Spider-Man and involves an attack from one of the villians Venom. They will be using Explosive Ordiance but will only involve the stunt men.

SuperNoldy’s pics are the first seven here.

Next up was ‘Knightmare6’…

I stopped by Foley Square today to catch some filming. It looks like they were doing some pick-up shots of the “Mayor of New York” and the crowd at the Spider-Man Appreciation Day set-up, while on the other side of Foley Square they shot people by a subway station who started running for their lives when a sudden wind gust blows in (I’m guessing Sandman suddenly blowing on in), as well as Spider-Man swinging into and off the scene.

Photos of the above can be found here!

‘WallCrawler’ also wrote in:

Got some more photos of the action in Foley Sq. They had a lot of red and blue balloons with webbing on them, many children dressed up as Spidey, a marching band with color guard, and police and civilian extras. They had the Spydercam rigged to the courthouse behind the shoot, and all the way up to the top of the Foley Square Federal Office Building – about a 35 story difference, so that should be a cool shot!

Pics of the balloons can be found here.

Source: Superhero Hype!