What’s Hidden at the Spidey Foley Square Set?

Scooper ‘Rich Parker ESU’ returns after two years with a great scoop:

Whatsup Spider-Man fans!

It’s been two years since my last submission to Superhero Hype!. That time I only sent a picture of one of the first ads for Spider-Man 2 in NYC. This time I have something even better! Checked out the set at Foley Square today (6/8/06) and I got some pictures.

Not sure if anyone posted similar shots so bare with me if you’ve seen them already. Someone mentioned earlier that they saw various Spider-Man dolls, pictures, and toys in those tents around Foley Square. Well, there was a gap in one of the tents and when the wind blew I quickly snapped some photos (like the real Peter Parker). I was lucky because as soon as I took the photos someone closed the tent up tight.

Source: Rich Parker ESU