What’s Filming for Spider-Man 3 Right Now!?

‘TylerD06’ has sent in word on what is shooting for Spider-Man 3 this very minute (early early Friday morning) There are spoilers included in this report!:

Hey there–I love this site. Been coming here for a few years now. You guys always have the up the minute reports.

Here are a few bits from SP3 from tonight-June 1st. First, rain caused a spidey cam shot to get pushed until, at the earliest, tomorrow night. As of half an hour ago, there were two units shooting-both close by around the same intersection. 1st unit was shooting crowd reaction with two police cars, several officers and FDNY firemen. Sam Raimi and Bill Pope were clearly visible cranking things out. 2nd unit was just shooting static plate shots.

This was the first shot of the night and it was around just after midnight. Again-they will be at this location Pearl/Williams/Pine street through the weekends for night shoots-6pm through 6am.

My only ‘juicy’ piece of plot involves Sam Raimi’s direction where he specifies that the crowd react to a hostage being held by ‘someone’ in mid-air. This was evident by the direction that the crowd was looking. Spidey is involved here-but Raimi’s direction was ‘Spidey is hanging by his fingernails and he falls—and makes it’. But they also shot several takes where the crowd reacts to Spidey ‘Not making it’.

As for the rest of the weekend–a helicopter shot is scheduled. It will be shooting the action below and not be seen on camera.

Lastly–the shooting location was visible from the Manhattan bridge tonight as they were below the only building downtown whose entire facade was lit up.

Back with more in the following days.

‘Masheen81’ has also posted a few pics of the shoot on the SHH! Boards.

Source: TylerD06