New Spider-Man 3 Spots & Times

More New York fans are hearing when and where Spider-Man 3 will be shooting. First up is ‘Slice Two’:

I just saw that Spider-Man 3 will be filming the “manhattan chase scene” all around Wall Street in the financial district of NYC from 6pm-6am, june 2nd – june 5th.

Meanwhile, ‘Scan’ writes the following, with a spoiler included:

My friend at work informs me that his son is an extra in Spider-Man 3. He also informs me that they will be shooting his scene on June 9th, 10th, and 11th. He also says that in the scene, Spider-Man is receiving an award from the city of New York. Thought that might be a little interesting and helpful in discovering the sources of Peter Parker’s increase in ego.

Source: Slice Two, Scan