Spider-Man 3 Filming Locations in New York

Scooper ‘hapyending’ sent in the following:

The streets of lower manhattan are covered with cables. Pine street, Cedar, Broad have block long cables of various colors. When I asked a shopkeeper he said he was told that Spider-Man 3 will be filming on these streets tonight, 5/30/06.

‘Ben’ also alerted us to a more specific location:

Just went for an afternoon stroll and located an area where they’ll be shooting a scene for SM3 this week. It’s at the cross-section of Pine and William Streets. Saw cables marked “Spider-Man” and talked to one of the workers there who was very friendly and said they’ll be shooting in the evenings Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They’ll be shooting a shot of the Spider-Cam in action, and that Tobey Maguire would be present at the shooting. Was told it was going to be an “amazing shoot”.

If you get a chance to catch the filming, be sure to let us know.

Source: hapyending, Ben