New Superman Returns Trailer in Theaters

‘Sean M.’ tells us that a new Superman Returns trailer is playing in theaters:

Hey, I check this site all the time b/c it’s usually the first to post new news about Superman but I noticed that you haven’t mentioned that the Superman trailer that is included with some prints of X-Men 3 is completely different from the teaser, the US trailer, and the international one. I just thought I would let you know (I’m a projectionist at a movie theatre, and this is one of the coolest trailers I’ve ever seen). It talks about the plot of Lex Luthor growing continents using Kryptonian technology, ect.) Many new never before scenes also included. Keep up the great work!

‘JJ’ also writes:

Rumor: Hey, I’m sure you’ve gotten a million of these, but X-3 has a new Superman trailer that reveals a bit more of the plot. Apparently Lex Luthor is using a Fortress of Solitude crystal to build new continents.

‘SuperAdam87’ sent in even more details:

So I just came back from watching X-Men: The Last Stand, great movie. It featured the brand-new Superman Returns theatrical trailer. It was approximately 2½ minutes long and features a whole bunch of new scenes (85% of the scenes are never before seen). It does not feature the Williams score sadly. From what I can remember it has:

– Clark flying up the elevator shaft and changing into Superman

– The blog shot where Clark is holding the framed picture and you see his suit under his coat

– Him running through the alley and ripping his shirt open

– New Krypton emerging from the Arctic

– A lot of flying

– Lots of new dialogue

– Lex and Superman in the fortress

– Superman being affected by Kryptonite and getting stabbed by Lex, “Now fly.”

– More shots from the helicopter sequence.

– Bullet in the eye.

– Richard White’s plane flying in the arctic.

– “My son… Remember.”

… and much, much more.

Stay tuned for when the trailer comes online!

Source: Superhero Hype!