UPDATE: Ian McKellen’s Appearance on Jonathan Ross

Sir Ian McKellen visited Jonathan Ross’ show Friday and a new clip was shown. ‘Julian UK’ reports in (spoiler ahead!):

Hi. You’ve probably already heard this but Sir Ian McKellen was on the Jonathan Ross show here in the UK earlier. Ross had seen X3 but Sir Ian hadn’t yet so Sir Ian asked Ross “was Magneto playing chess at the end of the film?”. Ross said yes and deduced that Sir Ian was checking whether or not the film would be left open for further sequels. Sir Ian was pleased to learn that that the chess scene was in the final cut, suggesting that the film IS being left open for further sequels and that he would be very happy to return as Magneto! They also played a clip from the beginning of X3 which shows Sir Ian and Patrick Stewart as digitally altered, younger versions of themselves visiting a young Jean Grey at what appears to be her childhood home. Displaying her powers, the cars parked in the street that you can see through the window behind her begin to rise into the air. It’s a very cool clip! (Haven’t seen it in any trailers so far). Hope this is useful!

Thanks also to ‘SideArm’ and ‘Mr. J 88’ for the heads up.

UPDATE: ‘cpu278’ tells us you can now watch this interview online at YouTube!

Source: Superhero Hype!