Buckley’s Artwork Gets Destroyed in Spidey 3

Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer reports that local artist Denise Buckley’s artwork will be destroyed in Spider-Man 3:

Buckley’s bronze sculptures were used as set decoration in the first two “Spider-Man” movies. This time, the film crew needed to rent five copies of each sculpture, because they will be destroyed in one scene.

Buckley, 64, made clay replicas of four sculpted heads, painted them to look like bronze, and shipped them to Los Angeles, where filming is taking place, she said. The sculpted heads are life-sized or larger.

She wasn’t told any specifics about the sculpture-smashing scene, but she assumes they are destroyed in a big fight or explosion.

You can spot her sculptures in the living room of Peter Parker’s friend Harry Osborn in “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man 2.” When she watches the movies at home, she stops the DVD and applauds when she spots one.

Buckley’s students at Hawken School, where she teaches sculpture and art history, are impressed because her art appears in cool movies.

She’ll see her artwork’s destruction when “Spider-Man 3” opens May 2007.

“We’ll cheer when they’re destroyed,” Buckley said. “I will not be in ‘Spider-Man 4.’ This is a swan song. But what a way to go!”

Source: POWdER-man