Del Toro Plans Hellboy Game with Konami

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro will work with the creator of the comic book to develop an original video game based on character. Konami America chief operating officer Geoff Mulligan made the announcement Tuesday in connection with the video gaming conference E3 unfolding at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week.

Del Toro will collaborate on the Hellboy game with the comic’s creator, Mike Mignola. An avid gamer, Del Toro said in an interview before Tuesday’s announcement that he loves working in video games because there are no limits to the imagination. “There’s a very nice atmosphere with games, sort of Hollywood the way God intended it, really,” del Toro said.

The action game will be released in 2007 and puts players in control of Hellboy, who comes armed with all of his familiar characteristics like the Right Hand of Doom.

Konami’s E3 announcements also included a Marvel Trading Card Game, which is scheduled to be released this fall for the PSP, Nintendo DS and PC.

Marvel Trading Card Game features Marvel’s complete roster of characters and lets players take their game online like never before with massive sanctioned tournaments, a virtual card shop and interoperability between the PSP system and PC versions of the game. Utilizing the popular Vs. System Trading Card Game from Upper Deck Entertainment, players can learn the basics of the game as a super hero or super villain in the game’s single player campaign mode.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter