More X-Men TV Spots?

We’ve received word on even more X-Men: The Last Stand TV spots that are being shown, in addition to the four already online. Here’s ‘Dave’:

Hello! I was on the computer & my sister was watching TV in the other room & with her knowing what an X-Freak I am she immediately SCREAMED my name to watch the NEW X3 TV CLIP! It showed Magneto, Mystique & Pyro freeing Multiple Man (& him actually talking), The X-Jet flying, Juggernaut in a rage, Rogue taking some of Colossus’ power & turining into metal in the Danger Room, Iceman getting mad & freezing someone, Storm actually flying & stricking people with lightning, Wolverine vs. Sentinel, & Shadowcat rescuing Iceman in the battle. For a 50 sec clip it sure showed a lot of great things!

‘Seeker101’ also wrote in about this clip:

I just saw a new tv spot for X-Men on G4tv. I caught it about halfway through. What I saw was Pyro surrounding Bobby completely in fire, but guess what, Bobby is iced up. Pyro says to Iceman “Maybe you should go back to school.” The end of the spot shows Wolverine saying “Class Dismissed”.

Source: Superhero Hype!