UPDATE: New X-Men Clip Shown on Jay Leno!

‘Tom’ caught Hugh Jackman’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night and they showed a new clip from X-Men: The Last Stand:

I just watched some of the Jay Leno show with Hugh Jackman on and they played a clip of XMen 3. The clip they showed had Wolverine and Colossus doing the fastball special (Colossus throwing Wolverine) at a SENTINEL. A few seconds later the sentinal’s head comes flying down.

‘gfleming21’ also caught the NBC show and said:

Just saw the Tonite Show, but I’m not sure if you already knew this. Hugh Jackman was on. They discussed how Hugh was punked in an upcoming episode of Punked and apparently Brett Ratner was involved. Also the more important thing though was that they discussed The Last Stand for a few minutes and showed a clip which definently confirms the Sentinels in the movie.

UPDATE: Thanks to ‘hlbimage’ you can now download the clip in AVI format at MEGAUPLOAD.com. To do so, wait for the 45 seconds to run out, then “X” out the box ad on the top right and download the clip. It is encoded in XVID with an MP3 layer audio track. It should play in Windows Media Player. If you’re unable to watch it that way, you can view it in Flash format at YouTube (thanks to ‘PhoenixRise’!).

Source: Superhero Hype!