Lauren Shuler Donner on X-Men

The Hollywood Reporter has published a lengthy article on the “X-Men” franchise which includes an interview with producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Here’s a clip on possible future films:

Fans of the “X-Men” franchise will certainly be happy to know there’s lots more material that can be developed for future episodes: “I hope there’s a fourth and an eighth and a tenth. I mean, look, there’s 40 years of ‘X-Men’ comics, so why not? There’s a huge world (of back issues and the comic book is still ongoing). There’s so smart (at Marvel). Not only do they have comic book artists and writers, but they’ve now drafted filmmakers. Joss Whedon (who wrote and directed episodes of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and is now writing and will direct the feature film ‘Wonder Woman’ for Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures) wrote an entire series of ‘X-Men’ comics as did Bryan Singer. They’re very smart (because) they’ve also involved a lot of filmmakers in their ongoing comic books.”

Hit the link above for the full interview.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter