Report on Today’s Spider-Man 3 Filming

‘Pete’ is back with another great report from Cleveland, Ohio today. Here’s the latest on the Spider-Man 3 filming:

Just got back from lunch break, visiting the SM3 set. Unlike yesterday, it’s cold in Cleveland today and a light drizzle comes and goes. The extras (pedestrians) were shivering on the set (see new photos) and would dance in place between rehearsals or takes. I didn’t see anything extraordinary during my hour on set. Just more racing back and forth with the now-familiar armored truck. Our demolished blue Chevy pickup is still there, crushed accordian-like, on the street.

But you know how in Spidey 1 they had a white cowboy strummin’ the

Spider-Man theme, and Spidey 2 had an Asian woman plucking it on violin? Look for an African-American saxophone guy belting it out this time around (see photo). He’s a local Cleveland sax street player they nabbed for the shooting. Good choice, I think. The office park you see him on there is full of extras: the guy with the dog, the shoppers–all of ’em are extras, and this was as close as I could get without security and police shooing me (and others) out of possible camera view. They kept saying it was a “closed set” today. As opposed to what?

Earlier this morning, ‘POWdER-man’ tells us a different scene was filmed with Spidey coasting on a board behind the camera truck at high speeds. You can view a photo of this here. A good photo of the crashed truck is also up here.

Source: Pete