New Spider-Man 3 Set Reports!

‘Pete’ is back with another great report from the Spider-Man 3 set in Cleveland, Ohio along with more photos which you can view here!

Walked down Euclid Avenue to E. 14th Street on my lunch break. Spidey second unit were shooting the Manhattan Safe armored truck speeding down the street and slamming into parked vehicles. ‘Powder’ sent in a photo earlier of a blue pickup truck smashed like an accordion–they smashed into this truck several times. They’d do it once, back up the traffic, and do it again a couple times. I took some shots, but they’re not as close-up as my last shots because security was shooing pedestrians back from the street. See my pix from Saturday for a shot of the blue pickup without battle damage. Also, today I spotted a stunt double for THC’s Sandman on the crash scene. He had the same brown pants and striped shirt THC is wearing in the first Flint Marko publicity shot we’ve all seen. Sadly, I did not see Spidey. They must trot him out only when they really need ‘im.

‘Pete’ wrote back later in the day with the following:

This was one of the last shots I took on Saturday. I saw this sparkly blue stunt pickup just sitting there, and my Spidey-sense told me it was doomed. And of course today they demolished the thing, over and over. The photos I shot today were taken from across the street (to the left, by the kiosk). This intersection (Euclid and E. 14th) is known as Playhouse Square or Hanna Square, because it has like three theatres in a row–The Palace, The State, and Playhouse Square. Hanna Theater is across Euclid Avenue. Cleveland State University is two blocks east. The old Halle building, which served as the front of Drew Carey’s office building from his TV show, is about four blocks west.

Cleveland’s Public Square, with the Terminal Tower and Key Tower, is a dozen or so blocks to the West. I don’t think they’re shooting there at all, but Euclid is closed at Public Square. It doesn’t really matter–a lot of those storefronts were vacant anyway (although most of the office buildings are occupied). The crew dressed up the vacant storefronts to look like art museums. And old abandoned Wendy’s restaurant became a “Flannigan’s” Irish bar.

‘Romey’ wrote in as well with an interesting bit:

Watching the late shooting today and heard some buzz that a few actors, perhaps villians, will be in town in the next few days. Also, spoke to some production guys and a major car crash is going to take place tomorrow. I have some photos from today, although most of the shooting I saw was close ups on the armored car driver as he drove down the street. I did get a neat picture of the daily bugle newspaper machine. They are up and down Euclid Ave.

Meanwhile, ‘Pat’ appears to have confirmed the above scoop about a villain(s) being there:

Hello, Pat again. Just came back from the set and it was cool. Today they crashed the armored truck into a blue chevy truck, completely destroying it. I also have some sweet news. Expect to see Spider-Man later this week, and yes, he will be in the symbiote costume. Confirmed by a security guard and production assitants. Also, they are filming a rainy fight scene. If anyone was in Cleveland today, they saw the wet roads. the production assistant said that the scene would be rainy, or after rainfall fight. I will get you some pictures as soon as possible, word from a security guard is that Raimi is coming back on Thursday.

Meanwhile, ‘iminsane13’ pointed us to where they’ve got more pics of the armored car crashing into other cars.

Source: Pete, Romey, Pat, iminsane13