More Spider-Man 3 Cleveland Set Reports!

The Spidey fans in Cleveland came through tonight with some great reports on what the 2nd Unit for Spider-Man 3 is shot in Cleveland, Ohio today. First up is ‘Pete’:

I visted the Spider-Man 3 set today in Cleveland. This was a special event for me because I was born in New York, but raised in Cleveland. Haven’t been back to New York since my family moved when I was two. That was over thirty years ago. Now, thanks to one of my childhood (and adulthood) heroes, a piece of the Big Apple has been brought to my hometown.

Second unit was shooting mostly at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and E. 9th Street today. I was there from about 10:30am to noon. There was some foot traffic, but far less gawkers than I expected. Security was light. Pedestrians could walk down the street rather freely until cameras rolled and they wanted to shoot a “rehearsal” of the big armored bank chase scene they’re working on. At those times, hired security and movie personnel with headphones and walkie-talkies would shoo people onto the sidewalks, as close to the buildings as possible (unless you were a designated extra). It was very surreal for me to be in the heart of downtown Cleveland, where I work everyday, and see a stream of NYC traffic go by–cabs, buses, passenger cars–and of course the Manhattan Safe armored truck. They’d have traffic move forward at a moderate speed, going North to South on E. 9th, then stop, have the whole parade of cars literally drive in reverse at about 5 mph, then shoot another sequence. And at one point they introduced the armored truck to the lineup. I’m not sure what NY street or interection it’s supposed to emulate, if any in particular.

Because the story’s still mystery, it’s anyone’s guess which villain (if any) is targeting the truck. I didn’t see anything on the set that suggested who it could be. I also thought it was odd that there were plenty of NYC cabs and buses–but not a single NY marked police car. But what I do know is that this sequence will look very cool on the big screen. There’s just too many cars rigged to get slammed into, and the armored truck has a “battle-damaged” stunt double. So sh*t will be ruined!

Anyhow, I took several photos I know you’re all waiting to see. I’m on dial-up here, so I’ll try to get ’em up as fast as I can. Some of the more interesting sights today–a green subway facade posted in front of Cleveland’s National City Bank building on E.9th, directing communters to stairs that aren’t really there…several cars bolted to steel plates on the street, some rigged with posts on the rear axles, some marked with soap letters on the windshields “do not move,” … a NYC newsstand with papers and Yankee souvenirs…a completely fake NY art gallery…the Manhattan Safe armored truck and it’s alternate “stunt double” being retooled in a nearby lot…and the occasional Daily Bugle newspaper machine, usually pairs of ’em to bookend pre-existing Cleveland newspaper machines. Check out the Bugle headline. Not sure if it’s relevant to the story or just some tabloid-type crap. Something about drugs being stored inside the Statue of Liberty–tons of marijuana and cocaine.

A lot of downtown gawkers didn’t even notice the newspaper machines. I pointed ’em out to a couple families with young kids and suggested it would make a good photo opp prop. The parents would thank me, and the dads would usually look at it and recognize what it was, and give me a nod of thanks in fellow geekitude, and excitedly hustle their kids in front of the boxes for a Kodak moment. A little piece of Tinseltown in Cleveland, in the form of a clunky newspaper machine…

I’ll try to visit the set again this week. I work downtown, but a few blocks away from the set. It’s just far enough away that I can’t get there and back during my lunch break, but I’ll try. I am not an insider, I have no story info at all, and I don’t know what else is on the itinerary for 2nd unit while they’re here. Also, I don’t know if Sam Raimi was in town today or not. I’m just a Spidey geek who happens to live here!

I’ll try to get those photos up and I’ll post a link or something!

Also reporting in was ‘Con-man’:

Hey guys, i just got back from the cleveland set of spiderman 3 and I saw some of the things they were doing down there today. The scene they’re filming this week involves a chase scene between spiderman and sandman on an armored truck down Madison Ave. I was talking to one of the guys on the crew and he filled me in on some of the details. Apparently, the truck is covered by the Sandman, who’s creeping in through the cracks in the doors and windows, attacking the guards inside. the truck loses control and slams into practically every car on the street. spiderman will be added in later, obviously, webslinging through the city behind the truck.

what my girlfriend and I got to see today was about three rehearsal runs with the precision drivers and about 60 extras heading down the street, and then a final shot with a stunt car behind the truck completly anialating a NYC taxi cab, smashing it up onto the sidewalk. pretty cool stuff. unfortunately, rumors that sam raimi is on set are false. it was all second unit crew today, but i’m not sure if he’ll be around during the week to see how things are coming along.

they’ll be filming all this week and luckily i work downtown so if i get to see anything else i’ll be sure to let you guys know.

you can call me con-man.

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