Spider-Man 3 Cleveland Set Report

Scooper ‘Pat’ sent in this report on the shooting of Spider-Man 3 in Cleveland, Ohio:

Hello everybody, my name is Pat and i was down in Cleveland last night. I was walking around the set there were new york cabs, fake stores and cars that were set to blow up. It was cool, there was a huge sign that said “in HEART with NY.” There were posters of footloose all over the place and fake restaurants. What really got me was what the head of security said. I asked him exactly what they were filming there he said “some sort of chase scene” he said it was either Electro or Venom that Spidey was chasing. Ohhh, one more thing, Sam Raimi will be in today and they are still taking people as extras. This will continue all week. From what the security guy told me, “all the cars you see are going to be destroyed.”

Stay tuned for more on the filming!

Source: Pat