Spider-Man 3 Cleveland Filming Update

Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer talks about the 2nd Unit Spider-Man 3 shooting going on this week in the city:

A Madison-Avenue-style remake of Euclid Avenue could help a local group brightening vacant store windows with local art.

The crew of “Spider-Man 3” will scrub several blocks of Euclid Avenue east of Tower City, said Kate O’Neil, a film producer who in December jump-started the arts group Exhibit: Cleveland. Workers will pressure-wash building exteriors and windows, light storefronts and fill them with colorful paintings and sculptures from mostly local artists, she said.

“It’s an amazing benefit for the city,” O’Neil said. “Euclid Avenue will be left looking better than it does now.”

Sony Pictures will film part of “Spider-Man 3” in the city this week, and Euclid Avenue will become a New York City street scene.

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Source: The Plain Dealer