Spider-Man 3 Filming Updates

‘Retroman’ tells us that the Spider-Man 3 production will again be doing exterior shooting in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 23rd and from Monday (27th) to Thursday (30th). You can check out more details here and here.

Meanwhile, COSE has released this interesting announcement:

The Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), the small business arm of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, today announced that it will partner with Greater Cleveland’s Film Commission and “Spider-Man 3” to steer sales to Cleveland businesses.

“The package assembled by COSE and Greater Cleveland’s Film Commission is impressive,” said Peter Martorano, location manager for “Spider-Man 3”. “Cleveland has really embraced this production. The discount program will help the cast and crew take advantage of all the things that Cleveland has to offer and it will encourage us to concentrate our spending with Cleveland companies — from sign makers to grocers to lumber suppliers.”

Participating retailers and businesses will offer the film’s cast, crew and production team discounts at Downtown, University Circle, Little Italy and Tremont retailers. COSE will issue special “Spider-Man 3” stickers for display in the windows of merchants participating in the discount program and the merchants will be included in a directory that will be available to the cast and crew. COSE will also distribute discount cards to the production’s cast and crew that can be used in participating shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and businesses for a 10 percent discount. Design work for the stickers and discount cards was done pro bono by Adcom Communications.

“We’re excited that COSE members will be able to play a role in supporting this major Hollywood production,” said Steve Millard, executive director of COSE. “Cleveland’s small businesses stand to gain tremendously in the short term. And our hope is that we will make a positive impression on Hollywood decision makers and by showing Cleveland’s willingness to work with film productions, Cleveland will be selected as the site for more films.”

COSE has also assembled a team to assist the film’s procurement staff in securing construction materials, props, costumes, equipment and other items that will be used during the fifteen days the production will be in downtown Cleveland. COSE staff is already working with props, procurement, set construction and costume crewmembers from “Spider-Man 3” to ascertain and anticipate their needs. Many items used by the crew and production team will be purchased or rented in Cleveland.

In the next couple of days, COSE members in Downtown, University Circle, Little Italy and Tremont will be notified by letter about the program. Merchants interested in participating in the program can contact Richard Rivera at (216) 592-2561.

COSE, the small business arm of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, serves as a one-stop resource for its members by providing: group-purchasing programs that reduce the cost of doing business; education and development programs for small- and mid-sized businesses; advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the business community; a wide range of resources focused on helping firms grow; and economic development partners that can address business concerns. (www.cose.org)

Source: Retroman, COSE