Vinnie Jones Talks More Juggernaut

Vinnie Jones has done more recent interviews, considering he’s also starring in “She’s the Man,” hitting theaters Friday. First up, he tells he’s doing more reshoots for X-Men: The Last Stand:

Q: You just recently finished some re-shoots for the X-Men: The Last Stand

VJ: I am doing some Sunday as well.

Q: Wow… shooting it locally?

VJ: London

Q: Going to London to shoot that? Is Brett going to be there or is it second unit stuff.

Then, he also told MTV we might see Juggernaut in one of the spin-off films:

Admitting that his deal obligates him to two sequels, however, Jones said he fully expects to don his character’s helmet again after “Stand” concludes the trilogy (see ” ‘X-Men’ Director Says Movie Will Really Be ‘The Last Stand’ “).

“That’s my contract,” he grinned. “I hope so … please, God!”

“I said this to Brett the other day, and he was saying that they’ll probably use a lot of the characters,” Jones said, implying that the director will also return alongside star Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine.” “Hopefully [the Wolverine/ Juggernaut rivalry] will come into it. There might be something for me and him to get together.”

A Magneto spin-off is in the works as well.

Source:, MTV