Stanford on Pyro in X-Men: The Last Stand

Aaron Stanford may play the very domestic and refined husband who doesn’t like to leave his comfort zone and explore adventure in The Hills Have Eyes, but that’s definitely not the case with his role as Pyro in X-Men: The Last Stand.

At a recent interview for “Hills,” Stanford told us his role is much bigger in the third “X-Men” installment and he gave us some insight as to what we can expect for his character in the upcoming and much-anticipated film.

“He’s become Magneto’s right hand man in this movie and in X2 he’s very ambivalent. He’s not sure where his allegiance lies. He’s friends with Professor X but he also has this urge to spread his wings and find his power with the brotherhood. In X3 he’s definitely off the fence. He’s decided where he wants to go. He’s with the brotherhood and he really is allowed to fully explore his power in this. He’s off the leash.”

Stanford shot his character of Doug first for “Hills,” but said it was comfortable to get back into his role as Pyro.

“You’re an actor and you transplant yourself from role to role and there was very little time in between, like two weeks, but I had already done Pyro so I was familiar with the territory and it was pretty easy to slip back into.”

His latest film was shot in the deserts of Africa with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees on average. He said it was not the most comfortable set, so he was happy to return to a more relaxing environment.

“There was a little time off and then X-Men is such a big movie that you have a lot of down time. There was plenty of time to relax but it was funny. I went from the tip of the Sahara Desert where it’s 115 degrees in the shade to Vancouver in the rainy season. I didn’t know where I was,” he laughed.

As far as the mutants go in “Hills,” Stanford says they wouldn’t have a chance against the mutants in “X-Men”.

“Of course not. Mutants in the X-World are superheroes, man. These guys are just deranged cannibals.”

The Hills Have Eyes hits theaters this Friday, March 10 and X-Men: The Last Stand is coming on May 26.

Source: Heather Newgen