Superman Returns Toys a Big Hit at Toy Fair

The Hollywood Reporter says that the Superman Returns toys at Toy Fair 2006 are a big hit. The convention kicked-off on Sunday in New York despite a huge snow storm:

Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Superman Returns,” opening in theaters June 30, created enormous excitement among toy retailers with its own share of electronic role-play toys like a flying radio remote-controlled Superman that can soar up to 300 feet in the air for two minutes of non-stop flying. “It’s the first time ever kids can make Superman fly,” said Geoff Walker, vp of entertainment marketing for master toy licensee Mattel.

Other innovative Superman role play toys include the Inflato-Suit, which uses a battery-operated mini fan to fill the suit with air to mimic the muscular physique of Superman, and Punch n’ Crunch gloves, which mimic the sounds of punching and crunching metal when kids bend a toy steel bar sold along with the gloves.

“We’ve tried to build in as much as we can in terms of the themes of Superman, the role playing and the things that Superman does so kids can experience that in the toys,” said Brad Globe, president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Superman is also soaring into the technology space. There’s an S-shield-shaped educational laptop from Oregon Scientific that pops open to the Superman theme song when kids wave their hands over it and an extensive line from Kids Station Toys International that includes an MP3 player, a digital camera, TV sets, DVD players, CD players and long-range heat vision headset walkie-talkies. There will also be a second line of products for girls featuring Supergirl.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter