Bryce Dallas Howard Joins Spider-Man 3

Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Village”) will play Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy in Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3. Sam Raimi is directing the movie, which started filming this month.

Gwen is pivotal in Spider-Man lore as Peter’s high school crush, his girlfriend and his first love. She ended up being kidnapped by the Green Goblin and died during a bridgetop battle in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 121.

Columbia is keeping a tight lid on the third movie’s story line, though it is known that Gwen is the third part of a love triangle that includes Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco are reprising their roles. Thomas Haden Church plays Sandman and Topher Grace a yet-to-be-named villain.

The movie is being produced by Laura Ziskin and Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad. The story is by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi, with a screenplay by Alvin Sargent.

Howard stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming Lady in the Water as well as Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It. Howard also stars in Lars von Trier’s Manderlay, which opens January 27.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter