Jones on Juggernaut and the X-Men Franchise

‘Abyss’ sent in this scoop to Superhero Hype! from across the pond:

I’m a huge comic book fan from Dublin, Ireland and I check your site everyday for all the latest comic book movie news. I’ve got some small X3 news for you guys, don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet.

Vinnie Jones appeared this week on Irish television. He was interviewed on Irish station TV3 on ‘The Brendan Courtney Show.’ After his introduction, the recent X3 trailer was shown and then Vinnie discussed his part in the movie.

He said that his character was new and that there was “a lot of noise about it.” He said that several of the scenes in the trailer, particularly the forest scenes, were filmed just before it was released.

He was asked about his superpowers in the movie and he said about Juggernaut that “when he gets going, he’s just invicible…he runs through walls, smashes everything in sight…he gets asked to join Ian McKellen’s (Magneto) band of warriors to take on the X-Men.”

The host of the show said that it must be an actor’s dream to play somebody invincible and then quickly asked could we see him going on to do more sequels. Vinnie Jones replied “I’ve signed for X-Men 3, 4 and 5…that’s my contract…yes.”

He also discussed briefly that he was onboard X-3 when Matthew Vaughn was director. He also said that he will be working with Brett Ratner again on Rush Hour 3.

Okay, that’s it…I was quite surprised by the interview as he seemed very certain about doing more X-Men movies, I thought X-3 was the last in the series.

Source: Abyss