The X-Men 3 Filming on Lougheed Hwy

The Agassiz Observer reports that the X-Men 3 filming has taken place on Lougheed Hwy. The shoot was for a scene involving Magneto:

Dozens of residents braved chilly weather last week to catch a glimpse of spectacular stunt sequences being filmed along a portion of Lougheed Hwy. for the big-budget superhero film X-Men 3.

Through the week of filming, several vehicles were sent airborne in carefully orchestrated explosions and a large black semi tractor-trailer was flipped over on its side.

Filming was expected to continue into the middle of this week.

Agassiz fire department Chief Wayne Dyer was among the local firefighters hired to stand-by in case something went wrong and the stunt drivers needed to be extracted from their banged-up rides.

“They did major rollovers,” remarked Dyer. “I watched one day and the car had to have rolled 15 or 20 times [and] those guys get out, just shook it off and walked away – unbelievable.”

There’s much more on this at the link above, including a story spoiler you may or may not want to know about in advance.

Source: The Agassiz Observer