X3 Trailer to Play with King Kong

20th Century Fox has revealed that the trailer for X-Men 3 will play in theaters with director Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” on December 14th. Since “King Kong” is from a different studio (Universal), you might want to check with your theater first whether or not the “X3” trailer will be shown in front.

In related news, XMenFilms.net reports that they’ve learned who model Omahyra Mota is playing in the third installment:

We can now reveal that model, turned actress Omahyra Mota plays plays a mutant character in X3, who basically follows the character of Juggernaut around for most of the film. She was never in the initial script, but was an idea jumping around the heads of the production. Who’s she playing? “An attractive mutant with the ability to exude pheromones”…STACY X.

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Source: 20th Century Fox, Fefe LaBouffe