Jeff Robinov on Batman and Superman

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Warner Bros. Pictures production president Jeff Robinov, who had interesting things to say about Batman Begins and Superman Returns:

THR: How did you come to select Chris Nolan to reinvent “Batman?”

Robinov: Chris Nolan wasn’t the obvious choice. Alan trusted that Chris’ vision — the tone, the setting and his skill as director and storyteller — would ultimately give us the best movie. Chris is going to come in and tell us what the next “Batman” will be today. It all comes down to filmmakers like Alfonso Cuaron on “Harry Potter,” or Curtis Hanson on “Lucky You” or Niki Caro on “North Country.”

THR: How did you finally resolve your long-running “Superman” dilemma, after Tim Burton, Brett Ratner and McG all left the movie?

Robinov: I think people are really going to like “Superman Returns.” I have to give Alan credit. He suffered a lot of negative publicity. When I met with Bryan Singer and he said, ‘This is what the movie is,’ I had the same feeling I had with Chris Nolan. I went down to Alan within days of McG leaving the movie. It would have been easy for him to say, ‘Let’s not start again, let’s wait a beat, and come back to this.’ He jumped right in and heard Bryan’s take and embraced it.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter