Jessica Alba on Sin City and Fantastic 4 talked to Jessica Alba today about her new film “Into the Blue,” opening on Friday. She also talked about Sin City 2, Fantastic Four and more. Here’s a clip:

“I talked to Robert, and he’s doing some movie with Quentin (Grind House), where they’re each writing half of a movie and then they use the same twelve people,” she said. “He’s doing that now and then I know he wants to do ‘Sin City’ after that, but Frank is like a big Hollywood star now. He’s being offered all these things to direct and write. I had dinner with him, and he has some pretty damn cool ideas about Nancy, and I think he’s going to write something for me. I mean, he said he was. Who knows until I see the script. He might do it as a graphic novel first and then release it simultaneously? I don’t know.”

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