Tobey Maguire Training for Spider-Man 3

MSNBC reports that Gregory Joujon-Roche is currently training Tobey for Spider-Man 3:

Joujon-Roche is a big believer that no single exercise plan fits all. He has customized workouts for Brad Pitt for his appearance in the film “Troy,” Tobey Maguire for “Spider-Man” and Demi Moore for “Striptease.” Currently, Joujon-Roche and his team at Holistic Fitness are training Maguire for his role in “Spider-Man 3” and Leonardo DiCaprio for “The Departed.”

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst again said who she believes are the villains to MTV:

“I think we have … I’m going to say two and a half bad guys,” the “Elizabethtown” star said. “Because I think one of them is resurrected. But yeah, two and a half bad guys, I think, about in this movie.”

She is referring to Thomas Haden Church playing Sandman and Topher Grace playing Venom in the film, with the identity of the “half” villain unknown at this time, but it could possibly be Harry Osborn turning into Green Goblin II or Hobgoblin.

Source: Retroman, djb_80