Interview with X3 Writer Zak Penn has posted a new interview with X-Men 3 co-writer Zak Penn. Here’s a clip:

TXV: Do you feel that certain plots or characters were locked in for X3 based on the prior films? How much of a ‘blank slate’ were you able to approach the project with?

ZP: It certainly isn’t a blank slate. You have to try to keep telling the stories that were being told. There is certainly room for invention, but when a franchise is as respected and beloved as X-Men, you don’t go in trying to turn it on its head. By the way, people seem to conflate dark events occuring with changing the tone, which isn’t accurate. X-Men has always been more serious and somber than other titles, that gives it much of its gravity.

Check out the full interview at the link above.

Source: Famkefan