The Cost of Spider-Man 3 F/X

Variety has an interesting article on the cost of tentpole movies these days and they talk about the “Spider-Man” franchise as well. Here are several clips:

With a $150 million movie, one-third often goes to effects. Director Sam Raimi estimates that f/x accounted for “at least 40% of the budget” on Sony’s “Spider-Man” films. And some effects extravaganzas can take that figure higher.

“There’s just so much that has to be spent on the R&D for the CG technology,” explains Raimi. “It’s like (‘Spider-Man’ visual effects supervisor) John Dykstra says: ‘Never mind raising the bar; you can’t even see where the bar is going to be in 2007 in order to wow people in the theaters.’ ”

In the first pic, Raimi notes there were 470 effects shots. In the second there were 850. And the estimate for “Spider-Man 3”? More than 1,000. “King Kong” will have more than 1,200.

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Source: Variety