Story on Fantastic 4 DVD & Sequel got a chance to chat with Fantastic Four director Tim Story, who mentions the DVD and sequel. Here are several clips:

F4M: Was any footage held back specifically for a special edition of the dvd? Did you approach any material, in pre- or post-production, with the intent of adding to a dvd later? Also, do you know if fans will be able to expect any of the scenes that we saw in trailers or featurettes that did not make it to the final film on the dvd?

TS: I just mentioned some stuff with Ben Grimm and Alicia – they’re sooooo touching. We did go back and finish some special effect in scenes so we could add them to the dvd. Several actually. I think the fans will have some well worthy surprises on the dvd.

F4M: Has there been any discussion of you returning to direct any sequels to the film, and would you like to work on them again if asked?

TS: The chance of revisiting this world would be, well, fantastic. There are just so many stories and ideas that we weren’t able to touch in this origin movie. But now that everyone is on the same page, things could get pretty exciting.

Check out the full interview at the link above.

Source: Lightning Strikez!