Danny Trejo in Sin City 2

‘732HOODS’ attended this weekend’s Maryland Horrorfind Weekend and sent in scoops on Sin City 2 and Spider-Man 3:

I just got back from the Maryland Horrorfind Weekend which featured Bruce Campbell and other names in horror history. First off the weekend was amazing and we met up with all these great actors like Ken Foree (Dawn of The Dead(s), Devil’s Rejects) and Sid Haig(Devil’s Rejects).

The best part was we met with Danny Trejo (Any Robert Rodriguez film) and while talking he had told us that he will be in “A Dame To Kill For” but what character he will play is unknown because RR is still not done with the script. He talked about doing another film which was an autobiography about his life called “Champion”.

Bruce Campbell also introduced his new movie, “The Man With The Screaming Brain.” and basically tore apart hollywood. He blasted the business for making remakes and even mention Batman Begins saying, “It took them 5 times to get it right..” Also, when asked about spider-man 3 and his role, he responded, “What pivitol role will I be playing this time? Well in the first one I named the character, otherwise you’d be seeing ‘The Human Spider’, and in the second one I was the only person to defeat spider-man, and look at doc ock. Where is he? At the bottom of the river, and me? I’m right here!” The crowd cheered. “I can’t really say who I am playing, but because you are all here and I think you can keep a secret, I’ll be upfront. I’m gonna be spider-man.”

The crowd roared again and then we watched the movie which was amazing. All in all the weekend was amazing!

Source: 732HOODS