Grace Changes Look for Spider-Man 3

People magazine snapped a picture of Topher Grace and his new look for Spider-Man 3:

Topher Grace revealed a lightened mane (and matching brows) in Hollywood last week. Why the change? “It’s for reasons that are legit,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’m not supposed to talk about the blond hair or Spider-Man.” (He’s joining the third installment of the movie series.)

The picture is at the link above. Meanwhile, Variety this weekend talked about the set construction going on at Sony Studios:

On a recent summer afternoon, union workers wearing “Spider-Man 3” nametags were busy building sets on the Sony lot in Culver City. Meanwhile, up above them, a billboard for “Stealth” was emblazoned on the studio’s water tower. The $138 million actioner was planned as the studio’s summer tentpole, but last weekend it bombed at the box office, grossing just $13 million.

It’s probably safe to assume Sony execs are hoping the construction folks will work a little faster, even though the next “Spider-Man””Spider-Man” installment won’t happen until ’07.

You can read more of that article here.

Source: People, Variety