James Franco Discusses Spider-Man 3

Zap2it talked to James Franco, who plays Harry Osborn in the Spidey films, about the third movie for which director Sam Raimi will film footage as early as September. Here are several clips:

At least Franco is willing to say that he’s met with Raimi about the sequel and he mentions a January production start, while suggesting that certain preliminary test photography will begin as early as September.

“On the past two ‘Spider-Man’ movies, they really invent a lot of the techniques that go into it and they’re coming up with new stuff on each of these films — so what they do is, they shoot a scene or two months out from the main production, so then the effects team can go in and start, you know, experimenting with how they’re going to go about bringing these superheroes to life,” he says. “So they’ll be a little shoot in September and then everybody will get together in January to do the main shoot.”

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Source: Zap2it