Fantastic Four Cast on the Sequel

MTV talked to the Fantastic Four cast members about the sequel:

“I’d like to see them move onto the business of being superheroes and facing different arch-villains,” Michael “Thing” Chiklis recently volunteered. “More villains and more action.” Chris “Human Torch” Evans agreed, saying that in the first film “it takes us a while to get used to our powers. We’re clumsy, we’re testing them out, we’re getting used to them, trying to get comfortable in our own skin. The second one, we could really start exploring how cool these powers actually are.” Finally, Ioan “Mr. Fantastic” Gruffudd weighed in with the opinion that the second film should feature more lightweight material: “I’d like to see them in their own environment, as in walking around New York City, using these special powers in everyday life. More of those elements of it — we touched upon that in the movie, for example, Reed Richards walking down the street and he can’t quite see where he’s going and he stretches up and has a look over the crowd or he’s able to hail a cab and get there before anyone else. Just fun little elements like that.”

Source: MTV