Welcome to Sky High

Imagine it’s your first day of high school, your parents are the greatest superheroes in the world, and you’re hiding the minor detail of not having super powers from everyone.

In Disney’s new family comedy Sky High, Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) is doing just that. His parents Jetstream (Kelly Preston) and The Commander (Kurt Russell) are highly regarded as the ultimate superheroes and he is expected to live up to them and carry out their legacy.

ComingSoon.net had the opportunity to talk with the stars about high school, their favorite superheroes and their superhero costumes.

Even though Angarano went to an all boys school he still felt the stress of making new friends.

“What Will went through on his first day, I went through for a month in my high school not knowing anyone, trying to fit in, trying to get people to like you and so I know what he was going through; I think a lot of people do,” Angarano said.

Sky High is the secret and elite school for kids of superheroes. Everyone is divided into two categories based on how developed your powers are, heroes and sidekicks. Will was labeled as a sidekick and bullied as a result.

“You know, he’s got a lot of things; kids have to look up to their parents and their parents reputations. Will has the greatest superheroes on the planet, maybe in the history of the planet, as parents and he doesn’t even have a spec of superhero ability and so that stress he’s going through, I can’t even imagine,” Angarano said.

Preston, can also relate to the pressures of high school.

“We’re parents and we happen to be superheroes and we’ve got a son that is going through puberty and who is going to high school for the first time. We all went through high school [and] went through teenage friends.”

Preston said she was so excited to do this film not only because she got to fly, but also because of the reaction she got from her costume.

“I didn’t bring it home, but John [Travolta] definitely like it when he came to visit. He was like ‘yeah uh huh ok’,” she laughed.

But, there was also a down side to being a superhero.

“Mine [costume] had no cooling system. It was made out of rubber. [It] was very very toasty on set with lots and lots of lights. You could drink water, but not too much water because getting it off and on was a whole big production. I took two women to get the suit on and 20 minutes,” Preston said.

Russell had an easier time with his.

“It wasn’t that bad…It wasn’t particular comfortable, but it wasn’t that bad. I had a cooling vest underneath it and then that broke down. You can’t sweat. Once you start sweating you don’t match, number one, but number two heroes don’t sweat.”

And speaking of heroesm Russell said as a kid his was Mighty Mouse.

“It wasn’t Mighty Mouse that I wanted to be. I wanted to be Mighty Mouse because he had the great girlfriend. He had that girl who just looked up to him and adored him and was always like that. Clearly if you wanted that you had to be Mighty Mouse,” Russell said.

Sky High opens July 29th.

Source: Heather Newgen