The Fantastic Four Cast on Sequels

Empire Online caught up with the Fantastic Four stars at the UK premiere and Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis and Jessica Alba talked about sequels:

The one thing that was on everybody’s lips – especially given the extraordinary performance at the box office, was sequels. And if Gruffudd’s words are a indication, it’s all looking very good: “We’ve signed for two and three already, and it looks more than likely that we’ll be shooting them even as early as next year.”

“The good thing is it won’t be an origin picture,” said Chiklis, “So we can go right into storytelling, and depending on which villain we decide to go with, and which way we decide to go, we can get right into the crux of the story immediately.”

Meanwhile, Ms Alba had her mind on more matters maternal “Tim put secrets in this movie that he’s going to reveal in the next one, and I think we have to get the Fantasticar – that’d be cool… and I think we need some kids, at least by the third one, so Reed and Sue should get busy!”

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Source: Empire Online