Superman to be Dedicated to Reeve

Warner Bros. chief Alan Horn tells Fox News that Superman Returns will be dedicated to Christopher Reeve:

Newcomer Brandon Routh, he says, “looks just like Superman. But we knew we had to overcome the fact that Chris Reeve was so beloved and that everyone thinks of him in the role.”

The solution?

“We’re going to dedicate the new movie to him. I haven’t told [director] Bryan Singer yet, but we’ll put it at the beginning or the end, ‘In memory of Christopher Reeve.'”

Sounds like a great move. ‘Steve’ from the Superman Homepage also sent in another report on second unit shooting:

I headed down to the center of Sydney again today to witness more 2nd Unit filming for “Superman Returns”.

The filming once again took place in and around York Street near

Wynyard Station. I didn’t learn too much about what scenes were being filmed, but Dan Bradley (2nd Unit Director) was once again on hand shooting scenes involving extras and crowd reactions. No main cast members were involved.

Scenes we saw involved crowds running in panic, looking skyward (as Superman flew by presumably), and reacting to the whoosh of Superman flying by at high speed.

A camera was suspended on wires above the city street (packed with cars, taxis, and a bus). The camera zoomed back and forth along the wires (which were suspended by two large cranes) to a length of 3 city blocks.

You can check out photos and a video of the filming at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!