Fantastic Four Sequel Talk

Fantastic Four opens in 3,602 North American theaters today and Australia’s Empire magazine has word on a possible follow-up. ‘Anonymous’ writes:

In the August edition of the Australian EMPIRE film magazine, in the FF feature article writer Tim Story hints at a sequel.

‘And, being an origin movies, there’s endless possibilities for sequels.

“I hope that we can come back for the second one, because from frame one we can go beserk,” laughs Story. “There’s no concrete answers yet, but we are thinking a lot about what would happen in number two. One thing that’s for certain is that you do get to see Reed and Sue get married, which would be incredible.” ‘

Also, during a Q&A with Chris Evans:

‘EVANS: His flaws are self-involvement, he is a very cocky & self-centred guy thrust into the spotlight. He constantly causes friction, and people do get fed up with him. It makes you realise it isn’t the best way to be. This is good though, because it leaves space for a sequel.

EMPIRE: Any ideas for villains for that?

EVANS: The Sub-Mariner was a cool character, a water element. That would contrast nicely. I don’t know if they’d do The Mole, but I think he’s quite cool.’

Source: Anonymous