2 Fantastic 4 Reviews & More Updates

ComingSoon.net has posted two Fantastic Four reviews, which you can read here. With the comic book adaptation opening on Friday, we have also added Fantastic Four to the Fan Reviews section where you can post your review as soon as you’ve seen it.

Meanwhile, the movie promos continue worldwide. IESB.net has posted both a photo gallery from today’s press conference in New York and has also made available previously-recorded video interviews with the cast here.

‘Sarhan’ also wrote in about statues that popped up in Singapore:

I’m writing to you from Singapore (Asia). They’ve got these larger than life statues of the Fantastic Four put up in the central shopping district of Orchard Road. Just wanted to share pictures of them with you. Sorry didn’t manage to get one of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. Here’s a link to the pics and my humble review.

Apple has now also posted 8 featurettes and the 60 second spot, clips which you may or may not have seen before.

Source: Superhero Hype!