Hulk 2 Coming Next Year?

Scooper ‘Invisible Girl’ wrote in with the following about Hulk 2. Perhaps Bana meant they’ll start shooting next year, instead of that the sequel will be released then?

Just got back from a week in Vegas. Amazing stuff. I come back with some cool movie news for you – well, at least it was cool a week ago, and knowing my luck, someone has already scooped me by the time I get my lousy dial-up connection back in order.I had the pleasure of meeting (read : forced myself on them) Jean Smart and Eric Bana last week (Monday) in the front street entrance of New York, New York. They had both done a ‘reshoot’ on a movie they were doing there about Poker. Eric was a nice guy. He shook hands. Took a photo with a young Chinese boy. Poor Jean had to ‘introduce herself’ to the small gathering crowd, because, well, no one knew her. I knew her from “Garden State”. Anyway, I asked Eric when Hulk 2 is coming and he said “next year”. I kept pushing and pushing, asking if he’s definitely doing it, and is Jennifer Connelly?. “Yes, and No” he replied. He said he’s next doing a Steven Spielberg film about the Olympics. Jean said she’s also doing a small role in that film.

Source: Invisible Girl